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Girl Scouts Eastern Washington & Northern Idaho believes that the strength of our organization rests in the voluntary leadership of its adult members.  It is important that the skills, interests, and time availability of the volunteers match the qualifications of volunteer positions.  Please assist us in your placement by filling out the following information, which will be maintained confidentially.

For what position or type of responsibility are you applying?
If you wish to work with girls, what grade level would you prefer?

Previous Volunteer Experience


Previous Employment Experience

If yes, list the date, nature, and circumstance of the offense. A criminal record will not necessarily disqualify an applicant; it will be considered in relation to the specifics of the position for which you are applying.


Please list 3 people not related to you who have definite knowledge of your qualifications for the position for which you are applying. Have the 3 references below each fill out a reference form.

I authorize contact of listed references. If additional information is needed, I authorize Girl Scouts Eastern Washington & Northern Idaho to inquire beyond my listed references. I understand that misrepresentation or omission of facts requested is cause for non-appointment as a volunteer.
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