Emergency Procedures

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Action to be taken by the person in charge in the event of a serious accident, emergency, or fatality.

A. Give priority attention providing all reasonable care for the injured person or persons. Secure doctor, ambulance, clergyman, and police as appropriate. Obtain names, addresses, and phone numbers of all witnesses and a written statement of what happened if witnesses must leave before police arrive.

B. In the event of a fatality always notify police. Retain a responsible adult at the scene of the accident. See that no disturbance of victim or surroundings is permitted until the police have assumed authority.

C. Contact Chief Executive Officer (CEO) at ext. 207 or Chief Operating Officer (COO) at ext 214 to report an emergency and to secure additional assistance as needed. Call 24 hours a day.

  1. 1.800.827.9478 (After office hours, dial extension 911).

D. Anyone involved in a serious accident, emergency, or fatality shall make no statement orally or in writing which could be interpreted either as an assumption or rejection of responsibility for the accident until all facts are known.

E. No comments shall be made to the news media; refer news media to council spokesperson (CEO). News/media requests are to be responded to with “Pam Lund is our CEO and she will be able to speak with you. Her number is 1-800-827-9478 ext 207”.

F. Council spokesperson is the Chief Executive Officer or Chair or their designee.

G. The council staff person will advise you on any other contacts and who will make them and how.

H. Ensure that all participants that are not physically involved are attended to and when possible removed from the immediate scene.

I. Document your observations in a written statement and send to the council office.