Money Earning vs. Fundraising

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Policy 8: GSEWNI is incorporated as a nonprofit 501(c)3 by the Internal Revenue Service; as such, a contribution may only be tax deductible when the primary beneficiary is GSEWNI, not an individual girl, adult, troop/group, or service unit. Funds contributed for specific troops/groups, service units, and day camps (t/g/su/dc) will be forwarded by GSEWNI to the identified t/g/su/dc. For a single cash donation to a t/g/su/dc that exceeds $250, the excess above $250 shall be contributed to the GSEWNI Opportunity Scholarship Fund if no prior council approved plan exists for those funds.

Girl Scout programs are designed to help the girls learn and practice goal‐setting, budgeting, money management and more.

In addition to this policy, Volunteer Essentials states:
Girls earn money in two distinct ways –

  • “Council‐sponsored product sales” are council‐wide sales of Girl Scouts authorized products (such as Girl Scout Cookies, calendars, magazines, or nuts and candy), in which members participate as part of the Girl Scout program.
  • “Group money‐earning” refers to activities organized by the group (not by the council) that are planned and carried out by girls (in partnership with adults) and that earn money for the group. These activities must be approved by the council in writing. [Money Earning Activity Form]

Some examples of money earning activities could include: council sponsored product sales programs, recycling aluminum cans, garage sales, wrapping gift packages at holiday fairs, and homemade wreath sales.

Fundraising is the legitimate process of collecting money by requesting donations from individuals and businesses.

Girl Scouts of Eastern Washington & Northern Idaho is a non‐profit entity recognized by the IRS as a tax exempt charitable organization. As a charitable organization, GSEWNI can accept tax‐deductible donations made to the Council and provide donors with the necessary donor acknowledgement. While a troop is a part of the Council, a troop or service unit does not qualify as a non‐profit organization.