Proposed Bylaws Change Form

Click here to download the Proposal for Amending the Bylaws.


This form is to be used for all proposed changes to the Girl Scouts Eastern Washington & Northern Idaho (GSEWNI) Bylaws. Please keep the following in mind:

  1. Any member of the council may propose changes to the Bylaws.
    • This proposal must be discussed with the Service Unit Delegates and members for your area.
    • This proposal is to be submitted to the CEO before December 31st to be considered for the forthcoming Annual Meeting.
    • Copies of the proposed amendment will be distributed to the Policies and Bylaws Committee within one (1) week of its receipt.
  2. Any change to the Bylaws requires approval at the Annual Meeting by two-thirds (2/3) majority vote of the delegates present.
  3. Any change which receives two-thirds majority vote shall become effective immediately after adjournment of the meeting at which it is passed, unless the motion to change specifies a time that the amendment is to take into effect.


  1. Please fill in the form below, completing the sections that relate to the category of your proposed change.
    • Categories include: a proposal that something should be added to the Bylaws, a modification in which you propose to change some component of the Bylaws, or a removal in which you propose that some component of the Bylaws be removed.
    • In order to assist the Board of Directors in the review of your input, it is important to present the reasoning behind your suggestions. Please provide answers to the following thoughts:
         i. Describe your vision.
      1. What will be different?
      2. Is your vision consistent with the organization’s mission, council goals and needs?
        ii. How will this proposed change affect:
      1. The organization (girls/council/community)?
      2. Personnel (volunteer/paid)?
      3. Existing policies/procedures/systems?

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