Delegate to the National Council


The National Council is authorized to:

  • Elect the National Board of Directors and National Board Development Committee.
  • Amend the Constitution.
  • Establish requirements for credentials.
  • Act on proposals.
  • Influence the strategic direction of the Movement by providing guidance to the National Board.


Girl Scout councils should elect delegates based on the following criteria:

  • Ability to think strategically and focus on the future of the Girl Scout Movement.
  • Experience in a policy-influencing or policy-making capacity.
  • Demonstrated knowledge and understanding of the workings of Girl Scout councils and the Movement.
  • Ability to analyze issues from a national, as well as a council, perspective. National Council actions and decisions have Movement-wide implications.
  • Commitment to attending council and GSUSA training sessions, in order to be as informed as possible about the issues and democratic process utilized at the National Council Session.
  • Willingness to support all the decisions of the National Council.


1.  In advance of the National Council Session, each individual elected by the council as a voting member/delegate to the National Council takes personal responsibility to:

  • Study all items on the agenda, including background information, and recommendations of the National Board of Directors.
  • Attend briefing meetings conducted by the council; participate in council, board, and association meetings; and participate in council forums and focus groups, as requested.
  • Obtain a broad array of the opinions of adult members and Girl Scout Seniors and Ambassadors from all parts of the council.
  • Participate in teleconferences for voting members, sponsored by the national organization. 
  • Engage in opportunities to discuss, learn, and share ideas across the Movement.

2. While attending the National Council Session, each voting member is responsible for:

  • Attending all business meetings and participating in the proceedings.
  • Being fully prepared to participate in discussion and vote on all business items.

3  Upon returning from the National Council Session, each National Council voting member/delegate is prepared to:

  • Report at the council’s annual meeting, to the council board of directors, and the council’s constituency (if requested by council Board Chair/president and CEO) on the National Council decisions and the reasons for such decisions.
  • Share insights on information gained at the National Council Session, if requested.
  • Assist the council as it prepares to participate in the next National Council Session, if requested.
  • Participate in teleconferences and other opportunities for voting members/delegates.

Please download and fill out the following forms, and return them by email or regular mail, to:

     Susan Noble  Email

     1404 North Ash Street, Spokane, WA 99201

National Delegate Application

National Council Delegate Expectation Agreement

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