Part of the fun of Camp Four Echoes is our unique and varied sleeping accommodations. Check them all out!

Teepees | Sky Meadows

Sky Meadows, our teepee unit, consists of five teepees that accommodate six campers each.


Treehouses | Smugglers

Each treehouse cabin houses six campers, totaling 24 campers in this unit. Plexiglas skylights and a spiral staircase are unique features of these accommodations. To exit the cabin, climb down one of the spiral staircases. This unit has electricity in the unit's community shelter (not the individual cabins). Smugglers also has its own beach and dock.


Cabins | Singing Pines & Sherwood Forest

Each unit consists of five cabins, with each cabin sleeping six campers. These were some of the first cabins built in 1996 to replace the original platform tents.


Chalets | Swagman

Each of our chalets are painted a different color and each sleeps six. A swagman is an Australian laborer who carries all his belongings in a bundle as he travels from place to place.


Gazebos | Sequoia

Sequoia consists of five gazebos that house three campers each. Counsleors-In-Training usually occupy these residences. The top half of the gazebos are screened windows with canvas covers that roll up and down.