Training Registration Information

  • Registrations for training will be taken all year. Registration deadline for trainings is one (1) week prior to the training date unless otherwise noted.
  • Check the website often – new trainings may be added and information may be updated!
  • To register for training, all participants must be registered Girl Scout members, unless otherwise noted. Adults may become Girl Scouts by paying the $15 membership fee along with the training fee and submitting the membership registration form and completing a criminal background check at the time of training registration.
  • Payment is due with registration. No Exceptions. All balances must be paid by the registration deadline, including balances owed for partial Opportunity Fund awards.  Participants will not be allowed to attend training if their registration is not paid in full. If a waiting list exists for the training, participants with unpaid balances will be removed from the training for those with paid balances.
  • GSEWNI reserves the right to not allow participation of any individual at any training. This decision may occur as a result of failure to comply with rules or regulations for events or trainings, registration problems, or recurring financial issues.

New Leaders

Welcome to the Girl Scouts Eatern Washington and Northern Idaho!
Thank You for commiting to a girl
Leader training is an important part of the girl's experience in Girl Scouting.

New leader training consists of three required components:

  1. Welcome Training (GSEWNI)
  2. GS101 (GSUSA online orientation)

In support of the Leadership Development Program, GSUSA offers Girl Scouts 101 (GS101).
All leaders will need to complete GS101 training within the first 3 months of becoming a leader.  

To complete these required trainings, please follow the instructions below. If at any time you have questions relating to training, please contact Audra Hess at ahess(at), or 800-827-9478, ext. 203, or 509-747-8091, ext.203.

Welcome Training:

Welcome training is provided by your Program and Membership Development Coordinator. If you have not yet completed this training, please contact your Program and Membership Development Coordinator to arrange a time for completion.

Girl Scouts 101:      

  1. Go to: and choose GS101
  2. Input the password “aboutGS101”
  3. Open and set up your Learning Log. The Learning Log is found on the bottom of the opening page. Minimize your Learning Log on the task bar for easy access throughout the orientation. You will need to complete the Learning Log and submit. All Learning Log go to GSUSA where the Adult Education Coordinator can retrieve to verify your training.

To assist you with your troops, a Nuts and Bolts of different grade level resources is available below. This will emphasize how to work with girls in the different grade levels and provide information on behavior and troop management. The Nuts and Bolts packets are also in a format that can be used by leaders as individual study trainings. Leaders can review the materials and send in the test and evaluation at the end of the packet to receive 'credit' for Nuts and Bolts. Paperwork can be submitted via postal mail, please send to:
       Attn: Adult Education
       1404 N Ash Street
       Spokane, WA 99201


What training(s) do I need?
The trainings needed will depend on the adult position within the troop and the troop activities planned. Please consult the Training section of GSEWNI policies for information on specific trainings. If you need further clarification please ask the Adult Education Department.

I can't attend the scheduled training
is there another way to get my training completed?
Please contact the Adult Education Department immediately. We will create a wish list for trainings. This wish list will allow us to notify you if a new training is scheduled or to schedule one when enough interest is presented. 

I have taken some trainings through work,
can I get Girl Scout credit for those?

Trainings from outside organizations may qualify for Girl Scout requirements. The Director of Adult Education needs to approve trainings from outside organizations. Please forward proof of training, length of training, training description, and trainer contact information to the Adult Education Department.  

Do I need to have First Aid and CPR training?
A registered Girl Scout Adult with current First Aid and CPR training must be present for all troop functions. Troop functions include, but are not limited to: troop outings, sleepovers, events, camping, and cookie sale activities. This person does not need to be the primary troop leader.

I cannot afford the training I need, how do I get assistance?
There are three ways to receive assistance for training fees.

  • Troop funds may be used for required leader training.
  • Service Unit funds may be used for required leader training.
  • Opportunity Funds (application) are available for leader training

Nuts & Bolts Downloads

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