Become a Delegate

If you are interested in becoming a council delegate, please complete the Delegate Nomination Form below. Delegates are nominated and then the council reviews the nominations and selects the delegates.

Contact Audra Hess via EMAIL or 800-827-9478, ext. 203 for more for more information about delegates. Click here to view/download the Delegate Nomination form.

Contact Susan Noble via EMAIL or 800-827-9478, ext. 213 for information related to the Annual Meeting.

What is an Annual Meeting?

The yearly meeting that a local Girl Scout council holds to elect its board of directors and conduct other business essential to Girl Scouting in its geographic area.

What will be discussed?

  • Election of board members, board development committee
  • Proposed Amendments to the Bylaws
  • Other council business

Who is invited?

All adult members and Girl Scouts age 14 and up are welcome to attend, but due to limited seating capacity, first priority is given to regional delegates, voting alternates, board of directors and board development committee members.

We look forward to seeing you in 2014!

Delegate Materials